Sunday, August 15, 2010

My New Outfits :-)

The dress I made this past Tuesday from a pattern from Susan! :o) Thanks Susan! I love it! :OD

The back. :-)

My new dressy shirt and jean skirt! :OD I wanted something a bit more modern, (even though I do adore vintage things), and when I tried these on, I just loved them! :-)

Same skirt, different, more casual shirt! I must say, I adore these new styles of shirts! Perfect for me! :-)

My last new outfit (sorry the skirt is wrinkled! :-P). Again, I love this new style of shirt! :-) And even better it was only $4 on clearance! :OD I love this new jean skirt too! Really comfy, and great for doing things around the house in as well! :-) I have some ideas on how to dress it up a bit for school too! :-)

I also bought myself my first pair of leggings, so we'll see come fall how I like them! Hehe! :-)


Sam said...

I LOVE IT! All of them! But the dress!! It's SO adorable. :D

Anonymous said...

O how gorgeous! Amy, you really have a talent for sewing! *envies*


The first and second outfits are my favouritest! :)

Maddie said...

Awww, they're all so cute!! Especially the dress! Great job on it! It's darling! :)

Susan said...

Cool! I'm glad i sent you that pattern :D Looks so pretty!!