Monday, April 26, 2010

Some cute outfits!!!

One of my favorite pictures - the checkered dress, sailor white color with the bow!!! SO cute, I want it for my own! ;-) Looks like a perfect summer day dress for either being at home with perhaps a little matching apron, or for going on a picnic with a special someone, or visiting with friends for the afternoon. It would look cute with either nylons and a pair of little black heels, or bobby-socks and little white sneakers. (Her hair is extra cute too, but I will do a hair post another day! ;-)).

These two classy ladies look ready to go boating, playing lawn tennis, or some other sporty event. I love the classy, but playful look.

Doesn't this just strike you as the perfect school day outfit? A pretty blouse, a plain, but classy, skirt. Finished off with the little black belt, and the little bow at the neck.

Yet another Jane Powell style! What a classy lady! :-) Her black shirt is dressed up a bit with her red and white checkered neck-tie and a little gold pin. This could make a good school or work outfit with a pretty, but plain, shirt with it. I believe she wore a light blue skirt in the movie with this outfit, but I would try different colors, and see what you like best! :-) Different color neck-ties would be fun to try too! And what could be better then one of those old-fashioned phones? My grandparents have a phone that is a bit like that, and the wide ear and mouth piece feel just so wonderful on your ear!! :-)

Not the best picture of this dress (to see a better one, watch the video on my side bar). It is actually a blue checkered one. Very pretty, and perfect for a summer day around town. :-) I love the boy's 1948 outfit behind her too! :-)

The middle girl's outfit would be really cute as a play dress, or even perhaps as a school dress. The other ladies could be school or work clothes. I love the girl's shoes on the right. And the middle girls bobby-socker look. The girl on the left is looking very business-like with a vest and a straight shirt. The girl on the right has on a pretty, but professional looking blouse, and a pretty straight skirt.

And last, but not least, this cute outfit of Judy Garland!! Perfect for a summer day of tennis, or being on the beach for the day! Her plain white dress is jazzed up with a little jacket over it, and she wears comfortable sandals with it. If you were afraid of getting a white dress dirty, just change the color!! A yellow one would look so pretty too, and still be cool!!! :-)