Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday's Outfit (Photo Shoot - Tuesday).

Dress - Myself (I combined two patterns. :-)). Hairstyle - , Shoes - Easy Street, Nylons - East5th "Oatmeal"

The Back

Standing Still. Blush - Claire's Brand. Lip Stick - Revlon "Love that Pink", and N.Y.C. "Mousse" (Layered).

With matching sweater. Sweater - White Stag

From Sunday - My hair and how the dress looks with a white blouse! :-)

Many thanks to my sister for taking all the pictures (except the last one) for me! :-)


Maddie said...

That is such a pretty dress!! Great job on it! :D
And your hair is so pretty! :D

Sam said...

So gorgeous!!! It looks fantastic on you!!!

Kaykay Jones said...

I like it Amy!! It's pretty!! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! And you look so carefree twirling about --I love how the skirt billows out!

HannahBeth said...

It's so pretty! You did a great job making it! :D And I love the hairstyle too. :D

saskimom said...

Very nice! You did a great job!